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Innovation in Sanitation and Maintenance

Welcome to FIXXUS Rehabilitation Systems, Inc., where for over a decade, clients have trusted FIXXUS to end maintenance headaches and save money with USDA approved Sanitary Plant design products and services.

Why should you give FIXXUS a second look? Because if your facility sanitizes with chemicals and hot water, it is only a matter of time until deterioration gets out of control. You can paint, or cover up, but those options are generally short term and recurring. When USDA or FDA inspectors force repairs, replacement is usually the only option and the whole cycle starts over again.

FIXXUS Rehabilitation Systems break that cycle. Advantages include:

  • Structurally reinforces the wall / ceiling assembly.
  • Drastically reduces sanitation chemical use, water use, and increases energy savings.
  • Eliminates regulatory pressures (USDA, FSIS, and FDA) for adulteration concerns.
  • Eliminates product contamination liability from corrosion, permanently.
  • Seals all rodent runs, and insect or bacteria harborages.
  • Pathogens, soiling, and stains are removed quickly, safely, and easily.


If we can save you substantial amounts of water, energy, and maintenance money, why not learn all you can about USDA & FDA approved FIXXUS products and services?