Innovation in Sanitation and Maintenance

Welcome to FIXXUS Industrial Holdings LLC., where for over a decade, clients have trusted FIXXUS to end maintenance headaches and save money with USDA approved Sanitary Plant design products and services.

Established in 2003, Fixxus Industrial Holdings Company, LLC – (formerly Crossway Coatings/Fixxus Rehabilitation Systems) is an innovative specialty coatings contractor with a patented system designed for USDA food & beverage compliant applications where E.coli, listeria and other harmful pathogens need to be mitigated in process and packaging areas. Fixxus Industrial has enjoyed a successful history of working with some of the nation’s largest food & beverage companies providing long term solutions to very harsh environments. In 2016, the company was purchased by Superior Industrial Maintenance Company, Inc., a leading nationwide industrial coating and linings, tank and terminal/pipeline repair and lead/asbestos abatement contractors providing turnkey services for the power generation, military & aviation fuel, oil & gas, chemical, industrial, and water industries.

We are compliant members of the following associations and organizations: SSPC, NACE, ILTA, NPMA, ISNetworld, Coalition of Construction Safety (CCS/formerly MICCS), Avetta, COGNIBOX, & BROWZ.

Why should you give FIXXUS a second look? Because if your facility sanitizes with chemicals and hot water, it is only a matter of time until deterioration gets out of control. You can paint, or cover up, but those options are generally short term and recurring. When USDA or FDA inspectors force repairs, replacement is usually the only option and the whole cycle starts over again.

FIXXUS Systems break the coatings maintenance cycle
Advantages include:

  • Drastically reduces bacterial harborages. Scientific analysis shows a reduction in E. coli by at least 96.96% and Listeria by 99.31%.
  • Seals all rodent runs and insect harborages.
  • Drastically reduces sanitation chemical use, water use, and increases energy savings.
  • Eliminates regulatory pressures (USDA, FSIS, and FDA) for adulteration concerns.
  • Eliminates product contamination liability from corrosion, permanently.
  • Pathogens, soiling, and stains are removed quickly, safely, and easily.
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