The Value

Where there are Insulated metal panels and concrete in Food Processing environments, there is a cycle of spending.

This cycle repeats every day, and each repetition makes things worse.

A FIXXUS System ensures that surfaces are reshaped and optimized to endure harsh environments.

  • A plant buys new panels and installs them, or has
    concrete walls / ceilings;
  • Sanitation water must be purchased, heated, distributed, chemicals added, used for sanitation, processed, treated, and disposed of. Any sanitation water reduction reduces costs exponentially.
  • Seams have to be caulked and metal plates made to seal up transitions.
  • Damage causes rusty holes and dents, and chemicals cause corrosion, or peeling paint.
  • Regulators demand repairs, and areas are quickly painted with whatever paint is recommended.
  • Paint isn’t designed for these harsh environments, or there wasn’t enough time to properly clean and dry the surface; and the paint begins to peel and flake.
  • Rather than re-painting, the next option is to cover up with FRP or Stainless Steel Panels
  • Even Stainless steel isn’t safe, as Chlorine corrodes stainless steel over time.
  • Covering up not only creates a vapor space that speeds up corrosion of the underlying substrate, but gives bacteria and insects a place to hide and multiply.
  • Eventually maintenance efforts cannot keep up and Food Safety protocol demands repairs (covering up the problem again or replacing the wall assembly).
  • When the replacement is complete, the cycle begins again.


The costs for each step, especially Sanitation costs, are constantly rising.  Even when you replace panels, you still have the exact same costs to contend with.

If you don’t find a way to flatten this cost curve in your operations, you will find yourselves behind competitors who do. FIXXUS has found savings where you wouldn’t normally look; hidden in your Sanitation and Maintenance budgets.  

With FIXXUS, “New” is not just starting over, but starting better.

FIXXUS Systems

  • Decrease sanitation costs significantly
    (by re-shaping of the surface to a more sanitary geometry and because of the low fluid resistance of the
  • Break the cycle of constant deterioration and ongoing repair


With FIXXUS, “New” is not just starting over, but starting better.

  • Increase plant safety (with improved lighting and morale),
  • Eliminates all the seams and crevices where dirt, grease, bugs, and bacteria hide.


At a reasonable cost (lower than all other long-term options), without the indirect costs and major downtime and risks (think moving electrical panels) associated with replacement or cover-up, FIXXUS can rehab these areas. And the area is not just new; it is structurally improved, and sanitizes quicker than before (a lot quicker). And yes, it lasts; ask for our references.